Private Yoga Class

60 Minute Yoga Flow

1-on-1 Yoga for All Levels

Enhance your knowledge of proper posture and alignment, deepen your flexibility, and increase strength. Expand your possibilities by trying something new whether it be an arm balance, inversion, or integrating meditation & breathwork into your practice.


*$35 each for couples/pairs*


Zen & Fit

75 Minute Class

Build heat through core work and ignite your fire with full body engagement through traditional yoga postures for 45 minutes. This class focuses on building strength and endurance through a power flow sequence. Following with 20 minutes of deep yin/restorative stretching, working the counter pose to integrate all of your hard work. End with a 10-15 minute meditation and shavasana.


*$37 each for couples/pairs*


Small Group

60 Minute Yoga Flow

Vinyasa, Hatha or Ashtanga

Meditation & Breathwork Practices

(4-7 People $18/person)

(8+ $15/person)


60 Minute Yoga-Barre Hybrid

Bring mindfulness to the Barre. Isolate and tone muscle groups by marrying the practices of traditional yoga, pilates and dance with low intensity high rep muscle movements. This fat burning workout will leave your whole body feeling empowered!


60 Minute Barre Infinity

*taught by Joanna Hertzog*

Using a variety of movements outlined to burn fat, build strength and tone your entire body. Your experience will connect your mind and body providing a creative balance of strength and flexibility.



Improve performance, maximize training and reduce injury with a customized 30, 45 or 60 min yoga practice. Through slow and controlled movement you can increase circulation, flexibility and brain function. As well as hip and shoulder mobility. Whether you are learning the basics, practicing deep restorative stretching or breathing exercises, this practice will give you an advantage in the gym and on the field. This is your personal practice, let's make it count on and off the mat!


For the month of February, couples and close friends can enjoy this special class to encourage intimacy and connection. As you go through the motions together, you and your partner can expect a deeper more intimate bond. Ultimately, bringing friends and loved ones closer, not only spiritually but holistically. Zen & Fit's cozy studio space provides a private class setting with dim light and a candle lit atmosphere. Enjoy your choice of scents- lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, and rose. Begin class with a guided meditation where you and your partner will form an intention together.
You and your partner will then share a silent blessing of gratitude to each other before your yoga flow begins. Finish class with deep shavasana and a breath work exercise that helps build a special bond. With this class you can expect to leave feeling more loved, relaxed, and have a better understanding of your partner and your own body. All levels welcome (beginner-advanced).

$40 per couple or $20 pp